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It is all about Student Success!

Whenever you give to the WOU Foundation, on Giving Day or anytime of the year, you are helping to change lives and make dreams come true. The WOU Foundation, the fundraising arm of WOU, is here to strengthen, serve and support Western Oregon University’s mission of creating lasting opportunities for student success through transformative education and personalized support. We do that with your help!

Video Student Interviews

Watch uncut, casual conversations with seven amazing WOU students. Interviews were held in early fall term 2020 in the WOUtv studio on the WOU campus in Monmouth.

McKinsey Jarnagin ’24

Maya Herb ’22

Jeannette Betancourt Garcia ‘21

Delaney Bishop ‘22

Brooklyn Giles ‘21

Beatriz Trujillo-Martinez ‘22

Allyson Drury ’21

Patricia Flatt crouching down by the ocean

Prof. Patricia Flatt

Why should someone support WOU financially?

Coming from a modest background, I was able to go to college as a first-generation student due to the kindness of others, due to programs like the Pell Grant system and small grants from generous donors. I know, for me, college and my education changed my life in so many unexpected and beautiful ways. It opened up doors to a world that I couldn’t have even imagined. A world that has involved international travel, meeting people from different cultures, and building a career instead of merely holding down a job. This is why I became a teacher: to help other people like me reach their dreams.
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Isaiah with his arms stretched out in his football gear

Isaiah Abraham ’22

What should the community know about the resilience of WOU students?

After being here three years and being around all types of different majors and students, I’ve learned just how hard people are working to succeed here so they can succeed in life after. Finishing and never giving up is something that we live by on the football team, but I believe that attitude extends to many students here who are working hard in class to succeed.
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Nichole Hernandez ’21

Why should someone give money to WOU?

At Western Oregon University, the future belongs to those who believe in their dreams. WOU offers a smaller class size and therefore a more personalized, quality education. Funding a university like WOU would continue to ensure the future of many generations of students who, like myself, have big goals and dreams to better the communities we belong to and ultimately make a positive impact in the world.

Thank you to everyone who has donated to the WOU Foundation. Your generosity has created many opportunities and fulfilled many students’ dreams of a quality education.
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