Facilities Services


WOU Facilities Services strives to be one of the most trusted partners on Campus.

The Facilities Services Department oversees all of Western Oregon University's facilities and grounds including Auxiliary and Athletic facilities. Facilities Services provides daily support by maintaining and supporting safe, comfortable, sustainable, and efficient facilities. We also manage capital projects, design, development and space management needs. We directly support the WOU strategic plan.


503-838-8239  |  facilitieshelp@wou.edu

Location: Physical Plant

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Lauren Kennedy, Property Specialist

Lauren has been working in this position for two years, and she worked in the paint shop as a student worker for four years during her undergrad. Lauren loves going to the coast on her days off. She also loves cooking whole food plant-based meals and she has been vegan for more than five years. 

Facilities has recently began utilizing the online auction site publicsurplus.com to dispose of surplus property. Lauren has been in charge of implementing the use of this website. 

“Facilities has been doing an amazing job with sidewalk improvements this past summer. I would like to continue to increase the campus walkability so all of the students, staff, and faculty can enjoy the beauty of this campus.” – Lauren