ITC Renovation

The Instructional Technology Center (ITC) project was the third phase and final phase to renovate and upgrade the ITC.  The first two phases were completed in 2012 and 2013 and included a complete remodel of third floor classrooms, offices, and restrooms; upgrades to fire alarm system, the installation of a new air handler system in the attic, and the replacement of windows in the entire building.

The third phase, impacted the entire building and seismically reinforced the structure and façade; replaced the antiquated and unsafe main electrical distribution panel; replaced lighting with energy efficient fixtures; replaced the existing galvanized piping; modernized HVAC system on the first and second floors to improve indoor air quality and energy efficiency of the system, specifically replace pneumatic controls with electronic controls; renovated the first and second floors to maximize function, improve access, and comply with current building codes. Added more gallery space and completely remodeled and upgraded the main entrance.

The project was designed to incorporate materials, equipment, and systems sufficient to comply with Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) silver rating requirements.

Gabriela Eyster served as the project manager on this project ( 

Project Budget:  The total project is budgeted at $6,000,000.00 with approximately $4,200,000.00 for construction cost.

OMA Renovation/ Welcome Center/New Mailroom Copy Center

The primary scope of this project was to renovate and update the old Oregon Military Academy. The newly remodeled structure provides modern offices for existing Western Oregon University Administrative services, specifically: Financial Aid, Admissions, and Alumni Relations.

The general concept of this project was to ensure spaces are ADA compliant, with consideration toward gender neutral bathrooms. The sleeping spaces on the second floor will remain but be updated as required for ADA Accessibility guidelines. The use of the second floor is for visiting groups, future students or families.

Modifications included the following: upgraded HVAC equipment and controls of the entire building. Newly designed spaces to accommodate the administrative services listed above and include room for growth in each respective service area; allow space for storage and create or use existing classroom space as flexible conference and classroom space. The main lobby design is to memorialize former Dean of Students Jack Morton.

Remodeled all existing restrooms to make them fully compliant with ADA Accessibility Guidelines;  restored second floor bathrooms with new finishes and lighting upgrades (i.e. paint and energy efficient lighting). Built anew place for the Food Panty.  We added a new elevator and refurbished existing elevator. A new courtyard upgraded the landscaping to be consistent with current Western Oregon standards. We also replaced sidewalks around exterior building as needed to eliminate trip hazards.

The project was designed to incorporate materials, equipment, and systems sufficient to comply with Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) silver rating requirements.

Mike Elliot was the project manager on the Welcome Center Remodel Project ( 

Project Budget:  The total project is budgeted at $8,200,000.00 with approximately $5,700,000.00 for construction cost.

WOU Salem

This project is nearing completion at about 80% complete. We have completed the majority of the MEP needs and interior finish work including painting. We are now working on hanging doors, dropping in ceiling tiles and flooring.

As with any remodel we are discovering issues that need to be corrected with the elevator, leaks from the exterior walls and HVAC units that can’t be salvaged but need full replacement. We are now projecting to be complete by the end of March 2021. Michael Smith serves as the project manager for this project (