Monmouth Avenue Steam Line

Upate as of 10/20/21

Currently the main steam line has been replaced from the Steam Plant though vault #1. The line to Vault #2 will be completed by 10/22/21. Then replacement of the line through Vault #3 and #4 will be next and scheduled to complete by mid November. At the same time condensate lines will also be replaced. The project is currently being evaluated to see if we need to extend repairs all the way out to vault #6 on Jackson Street. CPC will keep you updated on the project status. 

The images below are of the vault for the Hammersly Library which are damaged due to the steam leak.

Click here to learn more about WOU’s steam system.

Student Success Center

WOU received $21,615,500 from the state to fund a replacement of the Old Building of Education with a new Student Success Center.

The Student Success Center Stakeholder Committee was formed in September 2021. Click here to view the committee’s charge.

The Student Success Center Stakeholder Committee Members Include:

Chelle Batchelor, Library & Media Services (Co-Chair) (Staff)

Mike Elliot, Capital Planning and Construction (Co-Chair) (Staff)

Chelsee Blatner, Student Engagement (Staff)

Amber Deets, Graduate Programs (Staff)

Arne Ferguson, Athletics (Staff)

Marshall Habermann-Guthrie, Student Enrichment Program (Staff)

Logan Jackson, ASWOU (Student)

Malissa Larson, Disability Services (Staff)

Dr. Rajeeb Poudel, Business/Economics Division (Faculty)

Kelly Rush, Student Success & Advising Office (Staff)

Dr. Katherine Schmidt, Writing Center (Faculty)

Arlette Tapia, Freedom Center Board (Student)

Devin Thongdy, ASWOU (Student)

Makana Waikiki, Freedom Center Board (Student)


The Student Success Center Executive Committee includes:

Dr. Gary Dukes, Vice President for Student Affairs

Dr. Ana Karaman, Vice President for Finance & Administration

Dr. Rob Winningham, Provost & VP for Academic Affairs