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At WOU, we follow a shared advising model. Advisors in Student Success and Advising are the primary advisors for Exploratory and Pre-Nursing students. Student Success and Advising can also help answer general advising questions you may have. If you have a declared major, you will be assigned an advisor in that major, typically a faculty advisor, to guide you through your declared major, general education requirements, and explore other opportunities. 

At Western, we ask undergraduate students to meet with their advisor once per term prior to registering for classes for the following term. This is the minimum number of meetings with your advisor, not a maximum. Meet with your advisor as often as needed! An advising hold will be placed on your account each term until you meet with your advisor. 

To find your advisor in WOU Portal:

  • Go to
  • Log in to your WOU Portal
  • Click on the [+ add channel] button on the bottom right corner
  • Click on the link ‘Advisor Information’
  • Your advisor’s information will appear on your WOU Portal home every time you log in

You can also search for your advisor’s contact information by:

  • Go to
  • Click on Find People at the top of the page
  • Under the “Search for faculty/staff member” area, type in their first and last name
  • Hit Search
  • Their name, office phone number, email, and office location will be listed. Make contact with them to schedule an appointment.

If you can’t find your advisor, or if you need a list of the advisors for your major or minor, you can take a look at the Advisor Contact page on our website: