What is the Oregon DeafBlind Project?

The Oregon DeafBlind Project is a federally-funded project; it provides technical assistance, training, and information to support services for children in Oregon who are DeafBlind. The project serves children from birth through age 21 years.

How to Receive Services.

The project provides services at no cost to districts and families of children considered “eligible” by an IFSP or IEP team. In order to receive technical assistance a child should be registered with the project. To register a child, click on the Registration tab and choose an online process or a fillable PDF. This will officially register the child with the project. Once the form has been submitted, a family, district team, or other service-provider groups can request technical assistance, which includes training, child-specific technical assistance, and other support. Please note that requests for service are honored on a first-come-first-served basis.

Why Technical Assistance?

Technical assistance provides more than a set of skills. It provides a framework upon which educational professionals, families, and the Project can analyze their needs, assess their strengths and weaknesses, plan, grow and help their teams to prosper. Technical assistance and support to IEP teams serving students who are deafblind enables the teams to implement the highly specialized services needed in the provision of a free, appropriate, public education for learners who are deafblind, residing in Oregon.


Students eligible to receive services through the Project must meet the federal definition of Deafblindness from the Code of Federal Regulations:

“Deaf-blindness means concomitant hearing and visual impairments, the combination of which causes such severe communication and other developmental and educational needs that they cannot be accommodated in special education programs solely for children with deafness or children with blindness.” 34 CFR 300.8 (c) (2)

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