Past RRCD Grants

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Professional Development and Outreach

Western Region Interpreter Education Center – The WRIEC provides continuing education opportunities throughout the Western US and the Pacific Rim Islands for interpreters working in sign language, oral and cued speech environments, and for interpreter educators. In addition video- and audio-taped materials and WRIEC-produced telecourses are available for loan, free of charge, from the WRIEC Lending Library.

Pepnet 2 at WOU – Pepnet 2 (pn2), a US Department of Education grant focused on improving postsecondary outcomes for students who are deaf/hard of hearing, has a long history of collaboration with Western Oregon University. WOU is proud to have been an outreach site for this project since 1997, and is currently an important component of a national team which provides technical assistance to all 50 states, and the US territories and freely associated states such as Guam, American Samoa, CNMI, and the Virgin Islands   We assist people with questions ranging from how to accommodate hard of hearing and deaf students, to the newest updates in technology.