c Contact – Research & Resource Center with Deaf* communities

 Project Team

For information about training or technical assistance, contact: 

Elizabeth “Beth” Shuler-Krause, Interim Family Engagement Coordinator
Oregon DeafBlind Project
Phone: (503) 838-8328 | Email: shulerkrauseb@mail.wou.edu

Carlie Rhoads, Ph.D., Interim Grant Administrator
Oregon DeafBlind Project
Email: rhoadsc@mail.wou.edu

Andrea Fewx, Oregon DeafBlind Child Count
Oregon DeafBlind Project
Email: fewxa@mail.wou.edu

Chad A. Ludwig, Project Director 
Oregon DeafBlind Project
Phone: (503) 468-5724 | Email: ludwigc@mail.wou.edu

Mailing address: 
Oregon DeafBlind Project 
Western Oregon University
345 N. Monmouth Ave 
Monmouth, OR 97361


Regional Consultants

Region 1: Eastern Oregon – Malina Lindell: malina.lindell@imesd.k12.or.us  

Region 2: Central Oregon – Nancy Abbott: nancy.abbott@hdesd.org  

Region 3: Southern Oregon – Trish Orr: orr@4j.lane.edu  

Region 4: Cascade Regional – Jennifer Orton: Jennifer.orton@lblesd.k12.or.us  

Region 5: Willamette Regional – Anne Olson-Murphy: Anne.olson-murphy@wesd.org  

Region 6: Columbia Regional – Alicia O’Leary: aoleary@pps.net and Lea Cook: lcook@pps.net  

Region 7: Lane Regional – Julya Johnson: jjohnson@lesd.k12.or.us  

Region 8: NW Regional – Alex Hutchings: ahutchings@nwresd.k12.or.us, Michawn Beeson: mbeeson@nwresd.k12.or.us, Lauren Edmonds: ledmonds@nwresd.k12.or.us, and Elizabeth Thomas: ethomas@nwresd.k12.or.us 

Oregon School for the Deaf – Sharla Jones: sharla.jones@osd.k12.or.us 


Oregon State DeafBlind Working Group

Commission for the Blind rep: Sarah Mora: sarah.mora@state.or.us  

Dept of Vocational Rehabilitation: Kathy Eckert-Mason: kathryn.e.eckert-mason@state.or.us  

Oregon Department of Education: Linda Brown: linda.brown@state.or.us and Cherisse Loop: Cherisse.loop@ode.state.or.us