Together We – make it part of everything

TOGETHER WE SUCCEED is the tagline that represents who we are to the community. Specifically, it helps us quickly convey our new mission, vision, values, purpose and priorities. A short catchy phrase can help someone in the public to understand who we are. The power of all of us saying the same thing cannot be underestimated.

When paired with the appropriate keyword, TOGETHER WE can give the public a powerful image of whom Western aspires to be. Based on the work to create Forward Together, our strategic plan, we have identified the following five phrases that link directly to that effort:

Together we achieve

Together we learn

Together we engage

Together we lead

Together we thrive

Incorporating the tagline visually into what we do is important. That’s why we created a quick guide for consistently using the tagline and look in designed materials. As a complement to our Graphic Identity Guide, you can find the help you need in our Together We Design Guide. It is short and sweet so we can retain creativity while achieving uniformity.

It’s important for each of us to promote our tagline as often as possible!

Also, let me introduce you to the “corner sticker.” This design element, attached, is flexible enough to use with a variety of department-specific logos, create a pop of red, and allow us to use all of the six keywords. Or go for the traditional and use the logo paired with our main tagline: TOGETHER WE SUCCEED.

When in doubt, ask a designer for help. If your audience is external or internal and widespread, request graphic design using our form.

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