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Honors Committee

The Faculty Senate Honors Committee provides a forum to address issues or ideas with the goal of improving the WOU Honors Program. It is one of four Faculty Senate curriculum committees. Below is the Honors Committee charge, approved by Faculty Senate in 2010:

“The Faculty Senate Honors Committee serves in a review and advisory capacity with regard to the college’s academic Honors Program and its director. The committee will assist and advise the Honors Director with the evaluation of thesis proposals, the selection of Honors courses, and additional evaluation, Honors, and assessment requests. The Honors Committee is the curriculum committee for the Honors Program and makes its recommendations directly to the Senate Executive Committee.”

The committee meets on the third Tuesday of the months that school is in regular session (September through June). In addition to faculty, class-elected honors students are voting members — one of the distinguishing elements of the committee. Its structure derives from a desire for diversity as well as the participation of academic divisions within the program’s curriculum.

WOU Faculty Representatives

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Seats (4), one each from the Divisions of Creative Arts, Humanities, Natural Science & Math, and Social Science:

  • Creative Arts: Vacant, will elect in fall 2021
  • Humanities: Dr. Lars Soderlund, Department of English Studies
  • Natural Science & Math: Dr. Karen Haberman, Department of Biology
  • Social Science: Vacant, will elect in fall 2021

College of Education Seats (2), one from the Division of Education & Leadership and one from either the Division of Health & Exercise Science or the Division of Deaf Studies & Professional Studies:

  • Division of Education & Leadership: Dr. Dana Ulveland
  • Division of Deaf Studies & Professional Studies: Prof. Erin Trine

Optional Seats (0-2), chosen solely from the Divisions of Behavioral Sciences; Business & Economics; Computer Science; or the Library:

  • Dr. Jaime M. Cloud: Department of Psychological Sciences / Behavioral Sciences  Committee Chair (on sabbatical spring 2021)
  • Dr. Breeann Flesch: Computer Science Division

Honors Program Director:  Dr. Gavin Keulks, Department of English Studies (Committee Chair for spring 2021)

WOU Honors Student Representatives

  • Sophomore Class Representative: Vacant, will elect fall 2021
  • Junior Class Representative: Melina Mullin
  • Senior Class Representative: N.J. Johnson
  • Honors Program Specialist (and honors senior): Paige Smith

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