WOU Honors Application

The WOU Honors Program completely substitutes for the general education requirements at WOU. It is compatible with nearly every major on campus, but please note the exceptions about full AAOT degrees and also pre-nursing majors. In general, our minimums for admission are a GPA of 3.5, an SAT of 1150 (reading/math), or an ACT of 21, but exceptions exist in every year. No one is a "walking number" in Honors.

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  • Important note: Students who transfer to W.O.U with a complete associate's degree (AAOT) should not apply to Honors. That's because Honors is an alternate general education curriculum, and students with full AAOT's have already fulfilled all Gen Ed requirements.
  • It's entirely fine to have no idea what profession you might pursue. Write "Exploratory" if this is the case. If you have a possible major, please tell us so we can best advise you. Important Note: WOU's pre-nursing program is incompatible with Honors because its students transfer to another college to finish their nursing requirements. Honors is compatible with pre-medicine, biology, and community health majors -- but not with pre-nursing.
  • The Honors Hall is located in W.O.U.'s award-winning, LEED-platinum dormitory, Ackerman Hall. Checking below simply confirms your interest; it doesn't commit you financially or guarantee your residence. If you click "yes" you will be given a chance to enter a preferred roommate, if applicable.
  • Roommates need not be participants in the WOU Honors Program.