B.A. in English Studies / Integrated Concentration (61 credits)


English Studies majors choose among four concentrations: Integrated, Writing, Linguistics, and Literature. 



Major (61 credits)



English Studies Core (see below)


Required Courses:

LING  315   Structure of English


Choose one from:

LIT  204-205-206 Survey of British Literature

LIT  253-254 Survey of American Literature


One upper-division LING

One lower-division or upper-division WR [above 122]

One upper-division WR


Six upper-division English Studies courses (WR, LIT, or LING) with at least two at the 400-level


Minor (24 credits)

*May not combine with major in any English Studies concentration



Two lower-division or upper-division English Studies courses (LIT, LING, or WR)


Four upper-division English Studies courses (LIT, LING, or WR)


**Students planning a minor in literature, linguistics, writing, or integrated need to be aware of prerequisites for upper division courses.  Students with a major in one of these areas and a minor in another, need to plan with an advisor additional classes in the minor to replace courses taken in the common core.  Planning with an advisor is essential.



English Studies Core Courses

Before taking the Foundations courses, students should have the General Education writing requirement completed, and one lower-division Literature course before LIT 317 (LIT 201 or LIT 202 recommended)


ENG 498 Senior Capstone (1) [Not required for Language Arts Secondary Education majors]

LING 310 Introduction to Linguistics

LIT 317 Introduction to Literary Study I

WR 230 Introduction to Writing Studies

 Learning Outcomes

4.  Develop a broad grasp of the linguistic, literary, and rhetorical components of English as a field of study.

5.  Analyze how varied uses of the English language have contributed to American and global cultures.

6.  Apply theories and research methods as appropriate to analyze and produce texts for a variety of purposes.