English Studies


The English Studies major

consists of a common core of 41 credits designed to prepare students for advanced study in one of four concentrations: Literature, Linguistics, Writing, and Secondary Education Language Arts (for students preparing to teach English at the middle or high school levels). In addition, we offer minors in literature, writing, and linguistics a certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). Our goal is to give our students broad exposure to all areas of the English language.

Through our literature classes, students learn about major literary works and figures of various eras and nationalities, and become well versed in various theories of criticism. Writing classes have students refine research and writing skills and become conversant with composition history and theory. Linguistics classes develop an understanding of the nature, history, and structure of language.

In addition to our strong course offerings, we boast an energetic, talented, and committed faculty. Our core of thirteen faculty members all hold doctorates in their areas of expertise. We are proud of our faculty's commitment to their students and professional specialties.

Meet Our Students

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English Studies Department Chair


Lars Söderlund

(503) 838-8325 | fax: 503-838-8056

email: soderlundl@wou.edu

BELL 309