The English Studies major

consists of a common core of 13 credits designed to prepare students for advanced study in one of four concentrations: Literature, Linguistics, Writing, and Integrated Studies concentration that combines all three. In addition, we offer minors in literature, writing, and linguistics, a certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), and a certificate in Professional Writing. Our goal is to give our students broad exposure to all areas of the English language.

Graduates of the English Studies program

enjoy a variety of professional opportunities. Past graduates have gone on to graduate school, law school, into publishing, technical writing, and the one-year WOU Masters in Teaching program (MAT), as well as a variety of jobs in any career that requires strong writing, speaking, and critical thinking skills.


English Studies Department Chair


Lars Söderlund
(503) 838-8325 | fax: 503-838-8056 | email: | BELL 309



English Studies Department: Integrated, Linguistics, Literature, and Writing

Department Head: Dr. Lars Söderlund | 503-838-8325 | or e-mail:| Location: BELL 309