All English Studies Department Minors


Students planning a minor in Integrated, Linguistics, Literature or Writing need to be aware of prerequisites for upper-division courses. Students with a major in one of these areas and a minor in another need to plan with an adviser additional classes in the minor to replace courses taken in the common core. See the Advising Guide page for a list of advisors as well as helpful hints for pursuing your degree.


Integrated Minor (24 credits)


*May not combine with major in any English Studies concentration


  • Two lower-division or upper-division courses from English Studies fields (8)
  • Four additional upper-division courses from English Studies fields (16)


Linguistics Minor (20 credits)


  • LING 310 Introduction to Linguistics (4)
  • LING 315 Structure of English I (4)
  • Approved upper-division linguistics courses (12)


Literature Minor (20 credits)


  • One 200-level Literature or English course (4)
  • LIT 317 Introduction to Literary Study I (4)
  • Approved upper-division literature courses (12)


Writing Minor (19-20 credits)


  • WR 222 or WR 230 (4)
  • Approved upper-division writing courses (15-16; may include TA 330 Script Writing)





English Studies Department: Integrated, Linguistics, Literature, and Writing

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