Professional Writing Certificate


What if you never had to worry about your writing, ever again? The Professional Writing Certificate will increase your confidence in your writing and prepare you to write and edit professionally in whatever career you pursue.


It’s a four-course collection of classes that can be taken in any order and can be completed within a year. You learn professional writing inside and out: how to write, edit, design, and collaborate on professional documents in multiple media.


It’s also customized to your career pursuits: multiple classes allow you to explore what professional writing looks like in fields you’re interested in, talking to experts and gaining the assurance you need that you’re prepared to contribute to the profession.


Take the Professional Writing Certificate and become that person in everybody’s life who is a great writer.


Most of the classes even count for Gen Ed:
WR 300 Technical and Workplace Writing  (Exp. Knowledge: Social, Historical, Civic)
WR 301 Integrating Writing and Design*  (Exp. Knowledge: Literary and Aesthetic)
WR 401 Writing Across Media*  (Int. Knowledge: Science, Tech, Society)
WR 304 Grant and Proposal Writing  (Int. Knowledge: Citizenship, Social Resp., and Global Awareness)

The mission of the certificate is to prepare students to compose and edit documents in multiple media at a professional level, skills which are necessary for success in a range of careers in the modern workplace. The certificate also familiarizes students with the theories and practices of professional writing, and requires students to use writing to engage with real-world challenges in the WOU community and beyond.

  1. Compose in various professional writing genres, showing appropriate choices for documents’ intended audiences, contexts, and purposes.

  2. Demonstrate knowledge of visual style principles as they manifest in professional document design.

  3. Demonstrate ability to write and edit documents for professional standards of clarity and concision, including arrangement of content, word choice, and situation-appropriate grammatical choices.

  • WR 300 Technical and Workplace Writing Credits: 4

  •  WR 301 Integrating Writing and Design Credits: 4

              or  WR 401 Writing Across Media Credits: 4

  •  WR 402 Professional Editing Credits: 4

  •  WR 409 Internship Credits: 1-8 Credits: 4

             or  WR 304 Grant and Proposal Writing Credits: 4