TEFL Certificate program

  • Are you interested in international career experiences where you can both work and travel?
  • Are you interested in taking advantage of your English skills in the global economy?
  • Would you like to create cross cultural understanding, help local communities where you live and teach, and make rewarding and lasting friendships?

The TEFL Certificate program prepares undergraduate and post-baccalaureate students who are interested in their first international/cross-cultural English teaching position. The program is designed for students who seek experience Teaching English as a Foreign Language by providing a strong foundation in English Studies Linguistics and training in foreign language acquisition/teaching methodologies.

The Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Certificate focuses on teaching English internationally and cross-culturally primarily to young adult and adult learners. It is distinct from the College of Education ESOL/Bilingual endorsement, which is focused on K-12 school contexts in the United States.

The TEFL Certificate program requires 26-credits (six 4-credit courses plus a 2-credit practicum). Courses in the TEFL Certificate program may be applied to the English Studies Linguistics Major, or by completing the TEFL coursework, students will have finished all the requirements for the Linguistics Minor (20 credits).

The TEFL Certificate program is also open to Post-Baccalaureate students, who have already completed a Bachelors degree at WOU or another institution. “Residency requirements” for Post-Bac students state that 75% of the coursework for the program must be completed at WOU; thus, up to one course (typically LING 310: Introduction to Linguistics) may be transferred from another institution.


TEFL Courses
Required Prerequisites

·   LING 310 Intro to Linguistics (4 credits). Offered every term. Must be taken before LING 315.

·   LING 315 Structure of English (4 credits). Offered most terms. Can be taken with LING 410.

Choose one: (all are 4 credits). These are offered in rotation with at least one offered each year.

·   LING 312 Language and Society

·   LING 350 Linguistics in the Digital Age

·   LING 370 Meaning and Context

Required 3-term Sequence

·   LING 410 Theories of Foreign Language Acquisition with Adult/Young Adult Learners (4 credits). Fall term only.

·   LING 415 Strategies in TEFL for Adult/Young Adult Learners (4 credits). Winter term only.

·   LING 492 Pedagogical Grammar in TEFL for Adult/Young Adult Learners (4 credits). Spring term only.

·   LING 416 Practicum (2 credits). Spring term only.




English Studies Department: Integrated, Linguistics, Literature, and Writing

Department Head: Dr. Lars Söderlund | 503-838-8325 | or e-mail: soderlundl@mail.wou.edu  | Location: BELL 309