B.A. in English Studies / Literature Concentration (61-65 credits)

English Studies majors choose among four concentrations: Integrated, Writing, Linguistics, and Literature.


Major: (61-65 credits)

Requirements: English Studies Core (see below)

Second Language: 8 credits at 100/200 level OR 4 credits at 203 or higher in chosen second language

Required Courses:
LIT 301   Shakespeare
LIT 318   Introduction to Literary Study II 

Choose four from:
LIT 204*-205-206   Survey of British Literature
LIT 253-254          Survey of American Literature

*must include LIT 204 if LIT 201 has not been taken

Choose one from:
LIT 439   Studies in US Minority Literature
LIT 443   Studies in World Literatures 

Four additional upper-division English Studies courses (LIT, LING, or WR) with at least two at 400-level


Minor: (20 Credits)

Required Courses:
One 200-level literature course
LIT 317

Three upper-division LIT courses

**Students planning a minor in literature, linguistics, writing, or integrated need to be aware of prerequisites for upper division courses.  Students with a major in one of these areas and a minor in another, need to plan with an advisor additional classes in the minor to replace courses taken in the common core.  Planning with an advisor is essential.

English Studies Core

Before taking the Foundations courses, students should have the General Education writing requirement completed, and one lower-division Literature course before LIT 317 (LIT 201 or LIT 202 recommended)

ENG 498 Senior Capstone (1) [Not required for Language Arts Secondary Education majors]

LING 310 Introduction to Linguistics

LIT 317 Introduction to Literary Study I

WR 230 Introduction to Writing Studies


Learning Outcomes

4.  Develop familiarity with and appreciation for major authors, literary movements and genres and their place in the development of American, British, and other literatures.

5.  Apply theories and research methods to analyze and interpret literature.

6.  Analyze how literature relates to literary traditions and genres, culture, society and the individual.


Note: 300 level courses are not prerequisites for 400 level courses with corresponding numbers, but many 400 level courses require ENG 218 and one 300 level literature course as prerequisites. Consult catalog course descriptions for specific prerequisite requirements.

LIT 201 Western Literature I Italics = variable topic courses
LIT 202 Western Literature II * = may be repeated for credit (see catalog for each course specifics)
LIT 204 Survey of British Literature I
LIT 205 Survey of British Literature II  
LIT 206 Survey of British Literature III LIT 380 The Bible as Literature
LIT 253 Survey of American Literature I LIT 381 African Literature
LIT 254 Survey of American Literature II LIT 382 Cultural Trauma and Memory
LIT 383 Gender and Literature
*LIT 385 Folklore
LIT 386 Form and Meaning in Film
METHOD & THEORY *LIT 387 Mythology
Italics = variable topic courses *LIT 399 Special Studies (By arrangement)
* = may be repeated for credit (see catalog for each course specifics)
  *LIT 406 Special Individual Studies (By arrangement)
LIT 317 Introduction to Literary Methods *LIT 407 Seminar
LIT 318 Contemporary Literary Theory *LIT 421 Studies in British Literature
LIT 418 Topics in Theory and Criticism *LIT 432 Studies in American Literature
*LIT 439 Studies in U.S. Minority Literature
LIT 443 Studies in World Literatures
*LIT 454 Studies in Continental European Literature
*LIT 466 Major Figures


*Consult schedule of classes for current courses here.



English Studies Department: Integrated, Linguistics, Literature, and Writing

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