B.A. in English Studies / Linguistics Concentration (61credits)


English Studies majors choose among four concentrations: Integrated, Writing, Linguistics, and Literature.

Linguistics Track Major and Linguistics Minor

Major: (61 credits)


English Studies Core (see below)
Second Language: 12 credits (three terms past placement level)

Required Courses:
LING 312 Language & Society
LING 315 Structure of English
LING 350 Linguistics in the Digital Age
LING 370 Meaning and Context
LING 490 History of English

Choose one from:
LIT  204-205-206 Survey of British Literature
LIT  253-254 Survey of American Literature

Three additional 400-level English Studies courses (LIT, LING, or WR)


Minor: (20 Credits)

Required Courses:
LING 310 Introduction to Linguistics
LING 315 Structure of English

Three upper-division LING courses

**Students planning a minor in literature, linguistics, writing, or integrated need to be aware of prerequisites for upper division courses.  Students with a major in one of these areas and a minor in another, need to plan with an advisor additional classes in the minor to replace courses taken in the common core.  Planning with an advisor is essential

English Studies Core Courses

Before taking the Foundations courses, students should have the General Education writing requirement completed, and one lower-division Literature course before LIT 317 (LIT 201 or LIT 202 recommended)


ENG 498 Senior Capstone (1) [Not required for Language Arts Secondary Education majors]

LING 310 Introduction to Linguistics

LIT 317 Introduction to Literary Study I

WR 230 Introduction to Writing Studies


Linguistics Learning Outcomes

4.  Analyze issues in language usage, language variation, language acquisition and history of the English language, with special attention to writing, literacy and language arts.

5.  Explain and analyze structure and function in the English language system at multiple linguistic levels.

6.  Analyze the relationship between individuals and the multiple discourse communities they belong to.



300-Level Options400-Level Options
LING 309 The Language and Writing of Early Learners LING 406/606 Special Individual Studies
LING 310 Introduction to LinguisticsLING 407 Seminar
LING 312 Language and SocietyLING 409 Internship
LING 314 Language Study for Elementary/Middle TeachersLING 410 Theories of Foreign Language Acquisition for Adult/Young Learners
LING 315 Structure of EnglishLING 415 Strategies in TEFL for Adult/Young Adult Learners
LING 316 Spanish/English: comparative Study for Bilingual ClassroomsLING 416 TEFL Certificate Practicum
LING 350 Linguistics in the Digital AgeLING 450/550 Linguistic Analysis of Style and Genre
LING 370 Meaning and ContextLING 490 History of the English Language
LING 492 Pedagogical Grammar in TEFL for Adult/Young Adult Learners
LING 496/596 Special Topics in Linguistics



English Studies Department: Integrated, Linguistics, Literature, and Writing

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