The Financial Aid Office provides documentation on the estimated costs including general living expenses of attending Western Oregon University. These estimates address the fixed costs of tuition and fees, and housing and dining. They also reflect the secondary expenses such as off-campus housing and the general daily expenses a student may need to provide for.

The following information should only be used to assist prospective students and their families in estimating a budget for upcoming year. Individuals may need to adjust their budget according to specific needs.


Tuition and fees for resident and non-residents

Students are charged tuition based on student level (undergraduate, post-baccalaureate or graduate) and residency status. Post-baccalaureates pay undergraduate tuition and fees. Baccalaureate degree holders may petition to be admitted to the post-baccalaureate non-degree program and pay undergraduate rates; students may not claim graduate credit for graduate courses taken in this status.

The tuition calculator can be used to estimate costs based on student status and credits (in person and online).


Campus housing and dining costs

In planning for expenses while living at and attending WOU, please view the current room & board rates, or use the room and board price estimator link to calculate the cost of your specific room and board choices.

All rates include telephone access/voice mail, data line access, cable TV, and social activity fee/term.


International students

Other factors may influence the cost of attending Western Oregon University that international students need to consider. All international students should contact the International Students Admissions Office for assistance with the application process.



Accounting & Business Services

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