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Frequently Asked Questions


How expensive is it to host one of your trainings?

Many of our classes are supported and presented with grant money.  There is no expense for the instructors travel and training time.  The class materials are also supplied to the participants by grant funds.  The classes that are supported by grants have no mandatory expense for the host or the participants who attend.  The material that is not currently supported by grants can be hosted for a reasonable price.  Our material is designed for one and two day presentations.  Our staff is eager to work with any organization to prepare a quote for the delivery of specific training.


Will our officers receive training hours credit for attending your classes?

Our classes are supported and certified by several departments of the federal government.  Homeland Security, Department of Justice, COPS Office, etc., to name a few.  Inservice hours and required certificate training have been successfully applied for in every state that we have conducted training.  Every participant receives a certificate of training attendance for their employee file and to send into their resident state for training credit.


How far in advance does the class have to be scheduled?

Our preference is 4 to 6 months in advance.  This time frame assists us in accommodating grant requirements, scheduling instructors, marketing the class to attract participants and arranging for shipping and travel reservations.


How would you describe the tribal training experience for the Western Community Policing Institute?

Our institute has been writing and preparing curriculum for tribal presentations since 2000.  We have presented classes to over 200 tribal nations and entities in that time frame.  Our staff has utilized the contacts and developed professional relationships with tribal members and other experts in the field for contributions  and presenters in the delivery of the material.  We are also a part of several networks and national organizations that facilitate tribal training and resources.