Youth Leadership Curriculum


Tribal Youth Partnership for Public Safety


The overarching goal of this training is to advance the practice of community policing as an effective strategy in a communities’ efforts to improve public safety. TYL is designed to train and equip American Indian youth (middle and high school level) with the leadership skills necessary to address the public safety problems that plague tribal communities. This training encourages and facilitates the development of the leadership skills of tribal youth by encouraging partnerships and enhancing trust with law enforcement. TYL will also provide students with the leadership skills necessary in facilitating positive change in their lives and in their communities. Students will be given the opportunity to practice these skills in a safe student-centered learning team environment.
During each session, students will be introduced to specific leadership concepts and skills, such as partnership building and problem solving, and then be provided with hands-on opportunities to practice those skills using experimental activities. Through working in learning teams, students will analyze and apply their skills to complete training assignments and activities. Class sessions will be facilitated by project staff and knowledgeable American Indian leaders and subject matter experts, who will work with students and act as mentors and positive role models. Woven throughout the program will be public safety awareness and prevention information in which students will play an active role in providing the valuable youth-perspective for addressing the public safety problem at the community level.
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Tribal Youth Methamphetamine Abuse, Prevention, and Intervention across Tribal Boundaries

This course has been developed based on the insight of Native American high school students that want to make a difference in Native American communities. For seven months, these students worked with education, curriculum development, graphic design, communication, public safety professionals, and a diversity of Native American community leaders to develop the this Native American youth-focused anti-meth training: Freedom From Meth.
This course includes six sessions, with each session building upon the content of previous sessions. Students will work with members of their community to develop strategies to help kids in their community SAY NO TO METH.
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