Sign Language Proficiency Interview in American Sign Language (SLPI:ASL)

The Research & Resource Center with Deaf* communities (RRCD) Sign Language Assessment (RSLA) uses the Sign Language Proficiency Interview (SLPI) conducted in American Sign Language (ASL) to get the best sample of the candidate’s ASL skills. RSLA SLPI: ASL is an assessment conducted remotely in which involves an one-to-one conversation in ASL between an interviewer and the candidate.The RSLA SLPI:ASL assesses a person’s skills in using a natural sign language for communication (function) and provides an analysis of a person’s sign language vocabulary, production, fluency, grammar, and comprehension skills (form).

The SLPI:ASL was adapted by Bill Newell and Frank Caccamise from the Language/Oral Proficiency Interview (L/OPI), an interview technique for assessing spoken language communication skills. Just as the L/OPI may be used to assess a variety of spoken languages the SLPI:ASL may be used to assess a variety of sign languages; for example, it is used in Kenya as SLPI:KSL, in South Africa as SLPI:SASL, and in New Zealand as SLPI:NZSL.

The interview content varies which may include topics such as your background, job responsibilities, schooling, and other interests of each candidate. The interviews are recorded and subsequently rated independently by RSLA SLPI:ASL raters. We do all of our assessment remotely (through You do not need to create an account for this. We will send you an email link for the video meeting using zoom for assessment.

The basis for ratings is the SLPI:ASL Rating Scale, a standard scale based on the sign language communication skills of highly skilled, knowledgeable native/native-like signers. In application a primary use of the SLPI:ASL has been to assess how well people are able to use sign language for communication, and, as appropriate, to use this information to assist people in development of their sign language communication skills.

Signed Language Proficiency Interview (SLPI) for American Sign Language (ASL) is listed on National Seal of Biliteracy and State of Oregon Seal of Biliteracy as an acceptable assessment for purposes of demonstrating proficiency in a language other than English.


Buffy Reis, MS                             RSLA SLPI: ASL Coordinator | 360-980-8477 Chad A. Ludwig, MSW, ADAC, DI Director RSLA Program | 503-468-5724