In-class assessments such as quizzes, tests, and examinations (including finals week exams) are an important part of most classes; however, when these assessments require a great deal of reading or writing during a limited time (even a 2-hour final exam period), they can impose an undue burden on students for whom English is not their first language. Studies in applied linguistics routinely demonstrate that cognitive processing is slower when the content that is being read or the writing being composed is not in a student’s first language.

Faculty who plan to give a quiz, test, or examination that will require an amount of reading or writing that may impose a significant burden on language learners in the class can request test proctoring in the ISAS office so that students have more time to adequately access their knowledge and formulate their responses.

To arrange test proctoring, simply email Rob Troyer <troyerr@wou.edu> with the date, time, number of students, and brief information about about the test. Availability of space and a proctor is limited, but we will attempt to accommodate all requests.