Name: Fan Wang

Major: Art

Hometown: Wu Han, China

Started at WOU: Fall 2017


What has been the most exciting aspect of attending university in the US?

I gained my confidence studying at WOU. My professors and classmates were all willing to help and encourage me when I’ve encountered academic difficulties. Their encouragement helped me become brave enough to express myself. At the same time, people around me are so enthusiastic. I am able to feel the warmth and build my trust. 

Before you came to the US for university, what was your biggest worry about coming here?

What I worried about most was the uncertainty of housing. I was afraid that I would not be able to adapt to a new culture and my new life. 

What has been the most challenging aspect of attending university in the US?

For me, the most challenging aspect of attending university in the US was overcoming the language barrier. In the beginning I wasn’t able to keep up with my professors during their lectures. However, with the help of my professors and American friends, as well as using school’s resources, My English language skills improved quickly. 

What university resources have you used to be successful?

The writing center not only helped us with our academic papers (grammar, vocabulary), it also helped me to brainstorm ideas, provide professional suggestions for presentation of projects, and modifications for my resume.

The Conversation Partners program introduces international students to the local community, which provides us opportunities to make American friends. 

What skills have you developed as a university student?

At WOU, I became more independent, which was closely related to my work experience on the campus. WOU’s student employment system is very good. Here, I can get a part-time job. The job opportunity gave me additional control over my financial situation and allowed me to gain some working experience. 

What advice would you give to new international students?

Studying English takes great effort, but it can reward you in many ways.  

Choose 3 words to describe your overall experience at WOU.

Warmth, tolerance, freedom











对于我来说,在美国大学最具挑战性的事情就是怎么跨越语言障碍这个问题。我刚来的时候英语水平还跟不上老师的教学。 但是在老师和朋友的帮助下,以及自己合理利用学校的各种资源中,我很快的提高了我的语言能力


Writing Center 不仅可以帮助我修改作文(包括语病,词汇等),而且帮助我找写作灵感,或者给给学生的讲演稿提出专业意见,以及修改个人简历。

Conversation Partners 给国际留学生提供了一个认识本地学生,并且帮助我们更好的融入美国当地生活的机会。


在WOU,我变得更加独立。这其中的原因里不开在这里的兼职工作经历。 WOU的工作系统十分成熟。在这里,我可以利用我的业余时间在学校里做兼职工作。这让我对自己的经济状况有了了解和掌控权,让我有了与社会接触的机会