Name: Adeshina Oladiti

Major: Information Systems

Minor: N/A

Hometown: Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria

Language: Yoruba (Yorùbá)

Started at WOU: Spring 2014


What has been the most exciting aspect of attending university in the US?

The most exciting aspect of attending a university in the US would be the privilege to live within and understand another culture that is totally different from mine, which is really exciting to me. 

Before you came to the US for university, what was your biggest worry about coming here?

My biggest worry has been having no familiar faces around me especially my family. But little did I know that “families” are all around me. 

What has been the most challenging aspect of attending university in the US?

It feels like starting a fresh, learning a new culture and adapting to a new environment and people are really challenging at first. But once you let yourself get out of your comfort zone, everything turn out to be really exciting. 

What university resources have you used to be successful?

Oh, my! I have explored a lot of resources at the Western Oregon University. The most favorite one is meeting with my advisor for my path towards graduation. Also, I do use the Student Learning and Career Development Center (SLCD) to help me with on-campus employment and building my resume. In addition, the Writing Center is a place that can help me with my papers since English is my second language and I do struggle with my papers sometime. Going to the Writing Center has been really helpful.

What skills have you developed as a university student?

I have been able to develop my communication skills and computer technical skills. Having the opportunity to work at the University Computing Services allows me to improve my computer problem solving skills and determination to success. 

What advice would you give to new international students?

My advice to all international students would be keeping track of your grades and meet with instructors frequently if you feel like you don’t understand your course. Also, you should get involved with other students who can help you to understand more of the U.S. culture. 

Choose 3 words to describe your overall experience at WOU.

Worthwhile, Adventurous, and Fantabulous

Tell one interesting fact about yourself.

My first name, Adeshina, can only be given to a first male child in a family.