Study abroad in France

The best way to improve your French language skills is to study abroad.  In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Experience a different culture.
  • Meet people from around the world.
  • Increase independence and self-confidence
  • Explore places you’ve only read about
  • Enhance your educational experience
  • Enrich your coursework
  • Demonstrate to prospective employers and graduate schools that you are resourceful, adventurous, internationally minded, and diverse.
  • Learn more about your own culture from a different perspective. Realize a dream.

Western Oregon University offers three study abroad programs in France through the Office of Study Abroad and International Exchanges.  The office is located in Maaske 122, Tel. 503 838-8905, email:


Angers, France

Angers, located to the south of Paris in the beautiful Loire Valley, is considered as one of the most beautiful cities in France. An ancient chateau overlooks Angers and the Maine River, and the city’s beautiful gardens, diverse museums, and medieval tapestries (the largest collection in the world) provide ample opportunity to explore France’s culture firsthand.


Lyon, France

Lyon, nestled in the Rhône-Alps region of southeastern France, is the nation’s second-largest city.  Lyon holds the status of a major European cultural, research, and trade center.  Founded by the Romans over 2,000 years ago, Lyon is known for being the center of the silk industry during the Renaissance.  Lyon has been named a World Heritage site.


Poitiers, France

Poitiers, a lovely city built along the Clain River in west central France, was founded in pre-Roman times.  The city’s long history can be seen in the Roman baths and amphitheaters, the Baptistery of Saint John (4th-12th century), the Cathedral of Saint Pierre (12th-14th century), and the palace of the counts of Poitou.