What is the French online placement test?

The French online placement test allows a student with some knowledge of the French language to determine which course level is right for them.

After testing, If your score is within 5 points of the next class level and you would like a challenge, please contact the French instructor, Sylvain Fremaux (fremauxs@wou.edu) to discuss your request, and if he agrees, he will provide an override so you can register for the next class level.

The table below shows the class level based on the student test score.

0-149: FR 101
150-225: FR 102
226-275: FR 103
276-325: FR 201
326-350: FR 202
351-400: FR 203
400+: FR 301

Who needs to take the French online placement test?

  • Students who want to learn more about the French language and culture, who have some training or familiarity with the French language need to take the placement test.   This is to determine which class is best for them, based on their ability. 
  • Students with interest in learning the French language and culture with no experience do not need to take the placement test.  They are to register for the beginning class, FR 101.

What is needed to take the online placement exam?

  • The student will need their V-number in order to take the test, a quiet area for testing and 20-30 minutes of uninterrupted time.
  • If there is a problem with the functionality of the test, please contact the French instructor, Sylvain Fremaux (fremauxs@wou.edu), or contact the Humanities Division office to report the issue, 503-838-8906, or email bednarowskik@wou.edu.
  • Do not take the test more than one time.



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