Open/Lap Swim

The Aquatic Center is arranged for both lap swim and open swim during these times. There will be times that different areas may be programmed for SUP (Stand-up Paddleboard) classes or specific exercise classes. It is a time for fun, friends, and family to gather at the pool. There are two lap lanes reserved for individuals who would like to swim laps. During our Saturday open/lap swim times, we have drawn the curtains to provide a relaxing environment.

Womens Only Swim

Modesty standards differ between faiths, cultures, body images and genders. Some limitations make it difficult for men and women to share a public swimming pool. We are offering a women’s only swim time in an effort to diminish (or break down) a barrier to the access of our aquatic center. All windows and doors will be secured with curtains to prohibit males from seeing or accessing the facility. The aquatic center will be staffed with female lifeguards and only those of a female gender will be allowed access to the aquatic center during this time.

  • Two lap lanes will be available for lap swimming while the remainder of the pool will be open for recreational use.
  • We accept adapted attire during this time and are willing to work with individuals on appropriate, safe, comfortable coverage.
  • Denim cutoffs will still be prohibited.

Water Volleyball

Come relax by the pool or jump in on a game of water volleyball. Please see our Events page for specific days and times.


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