Turf Field Policies

Prohibited on the Turf Field

To maintain a safe and healthy environment the following are prohibited:

  • All food and beverage products, except water, including gum, and shelled seeds or nuts (a serious allergy risk to others)
  • Glass of any type
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Smoking and use of smokeless tobacco products
  • Sharp objects such as tent stakes, corner flags, and poles that may penetrate or damage the turf field
  • Chairs or benches (these items may puncture the turf field or cause damage)
  • Portable heater and any open flame
  • Bicycles, skateboards or skates
  • Metal cleats or high heeled shoes
  • Dogs or other pets
  • Fireworks or any other open flames
  • Any golfing or throwing activities such as hammer, shot, discus or javelin
  • Suntan lotions, oils or creams of any kind – Please apply sunblock prior to entering the turf area

Appreciated on Turf Field

  • Always lift and carry (Do Not Drag) goals and equipment.
  • lease deposit all trash in trash receptacles provided.
  • Finishing practice times on time and allowing other WOU students to utilize the Turf Field if space is possible.

Athletic Department/Club Sports Usage

These policies have been established between the Campus Recreation Department and the Athletic Department for Turf Field usage and priority of schedules.

User’s Responsibilities


Because the turf is not regenerated like natural grass, anything left on the turf remains there, posing health and safety hazards as well as general degradation of the turf.

  • You are responsible to leave the field as clean and ready for the next user. When you are done, please inspect the field and remove anything left by your players or spectators, such as trash, athletic tape, or equipment. Be very careful to remove all mouth guards left by players (a biological hazard). Have your participants walk the field in a line at the end of their event.
  • Spills of foreign substances should be removed as quickly as possible. Thoroughly rinse any cleaning attempts to avoid slippery areas that could result in injury. Contact the Campus Recreation Department 503-838-9530 for assistance if needed.
  • In the event that a user has left the fields without cleaning up or has allowed sunflower seeds and/or gum onto the field turf. A cleaning fee may be charged or future reservations canceled.

Hazardous Waste

  • In the event of an accident or injury resulting in bodily fluids onto the Turf Field – Stop all activity, contact the Campus Recreation Department or Facility Specialists (present for Turf Field Rentals) for proper clean-up.
  • For obvious reasons, please encourage your participants to avoid spitting on the turf field. Notify Campus Recreation Department 503-838-9530 if any area of the turf field is damaged or deficient.

Physical Damage – Reduction actions

The Turf Field is a composite system consisting of synthetic grass fibers sewn into a mat. Between the fibers is a 1 ½ inch layer of small rubber pellets (infill). The rubber infill makes the blades of grass stand up and is also the critical cushion between the player and the stone base beneath the mat. Foreign objects pose physical risks to the turf fibers, the mat, and the rubber infill.

  • Footwear is restricted to molded cleats (max 1/2″), turf shoes, or other soled athletic shoes such as cross-trainers or running shoes. Metal cleats or spikes are prohibited.
  • Protect the turf surface from sharp or pointed edges of objects or equipment placed on the field. When goals or other equipment are moved, they should be picked up off the turf. Dragging goals, such as lacrosse goals and soccer goals will damage the turf.
  • Bleachers or benches may not be moved or placed inside the fence area on the turf field. Spectator, coach, athletic trainer/staff are not allowed to place chairs, tables, tents and/or canopies on the turf field to eliminate the possibility of objects penetrating the turf field.
  • All motorized vehicles (i.e. Gator, Utility vehicles, etc) are not permitted on the turf field. Exceptions are allowed for assisting an injured participant or Ambulance in case of serious injury. Per Shaw Sport Turf maintenance – prohibited activities on a synthetic turf system is unnecessary vehicle travel.
  • We ask all teams and conditioning to alternate or move their practice areas around the Turf Field. This request is designed to reduce the wear on the center of the field or repetitively used areas.


  • All equipment is to be removed off the field after each allocated practice time or paid practice, game, event or clinic outside allocated practice times.
  • Tires and blocking, weighted or speed sleds are not permitted on the field at any time. All large items should be used and stored away from the East side of the field if feasible. Prior to leaving any item outside of the Turf Field contact Campus Recreation Department 503-838-9530.
  • Please be respectful when moving Lacrosse goals, soccer goals and/or rugby uprights. Club Sport goals or uprights should not be used during athletic team practice. An exception is given for soccer utilizing the soccer goals.
  • Extra equipment must be requested and approved prior to any practice, game, event or clinic (i.e. soccer goals). Extra equipment not removed after approved practice, game, event or clinic will be subject to a late fee of $45/day or a minimum of $75 for the one time removal.
  • Use of the scoreboard is allowed during paid practice, game, event or clinic outside allocated practice times and is run by Campus Recreation Department Facility Specialist(s).
  • Light usage can only be requested through the Campus Recreation Department 503-838-9530 at a cost of $15.00/hr.

Field Lining

  • Field lining is done solely through the Campus Recreation Department. No additional field dimensions will be painted on the turf field beyond what was originally inlaid during the construction phase.


  • For safety and liability purposes all spectators must stay off the turf field during all practice, game, event or clinic.
  • Restrooms are provided. Cleaning charges may occur if deemed appropriate by WOU’s Custodial Services.


  • Groups who damage equipment or the field will be responsible for the cost to replace/repair the specific piece of equipment or property. Cost will vary depending on the piece of equipment’s retail value and/or repair costs (shipping, handling, tax, travel, etc).

Inclement Weather

While using the Turf Field remain aware and alert for incoming weather. It is a large open area and subject to lightening and other weather related hazards.

  • Please be diligent about the signs of imminent lightning. All activity should stop during any lightning activity. Normal activity should not be resumed until 30 minutes after the last thunder clap is heard.
  • Limit activity on the Turf Field when snow and ice are present.
  • If weather threatens the safety of the field users, consider seeking shelter until it passes or discontinue use of the Turf Field.


Campus Recreation

(503) 838-9530 | e-mail: hwc@wou.edu | or in person: Directions/Parking