Community members
As a community member, you have the opportunity to purchase a Turf Field (TF) membership or day pass during the summer academic term.

Students who are currently registered and paying full student incidental fees are automatically members of the TF.

Are eligible to purchase a Turf Field membership during the summer academic term. If you currently have a current HWC membership you already have access to the TF.


Turf Field Fees Membership Periods
Turf Field user
(Ages 16 and older)
$4 per visit per person
$65 per term (summer term only)
Summer 2019: 6-17-19 to 9-20-19

(Memberships available for purchase three weeks prior to starting date)

Turf Field user
(Ages 0-15)
$2 per visit per person
Turf Field user
Family (includes up to four persons)
$120 per term (summer term only)
$25 each per additional person per term


Assumption of Risk

  • Regardless of the activity, all participants must understand they are assuming the risk when they take part in an active recreation program.
  • Each person must be aware of this assumption of risk and recognize that his or her participation is voluntary.
  • Each participant also has a responsibility to use prudent and ordinary care in his or her actions.
  • These risks could include but are not limited to muscle cramps, nausea, fainting, abnormal blood pressure, chest discomfort, and even death.
  • Individuals are encouraged to have a physical examination and obtain adequate health and accident insurance prior to participation in any recreational and fitness activities.

Registration process

  • Turf Field memberships may be purchased at the Front Desk of the HWC and are good for the entire summer term.
  • The Turf Field membership is good for unlimited participation from dusk to dawn during the summer term.
  • Payment for memberships can be made with exact cash and checks (payable to Western Oregon University) at the HWC Front Desk.
  • Each individual member must have their own current TURF ID membership card in order to access and use the facility.
  • Each member will obtain a TURF ID card from the HWC Front Desk, which they will receive upon paying for their membership.
  • The first TURF ID card is issued at no cost. Upon renewal, the original card will be activated.
  • If a TURF ID is damaged beyond usage, lost or stolen, the member must purchase a new card for replacement at a cost per Western Oregon University’s Photo ID card replacement cost of $15.
  • The ability to pay per use is also available at the HWC Front Desk during the summer term. Each guest must sign a waiver and pay the drop-in fee. Exact cash or checks made payable to WOU at the HWC Front Desk.


  • To cancel your Turf Field membership please visit the HWC front desk. Campus Recreation’s refund policy is consistent with the Business Office Refund schedule.
  • Purchase of locker service is non-refundable. Locker transfers are available upon request.
  • Special circumstances such as medical issues, leaving the university or emergency situations may justify an exception to the general rule and will be handled on a case-by-case basis if immediate notification is given.
  • Non-use of the facility does not qualify as a special circumstance.
  • Refunds are first applied to student/WOU account balance. If a zero balance is present a check will be mailed.

Campus Recreation

(503) 838-9530 | e-mail: hwc@wou.edu | or in person: Directions/Parking