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Strategies for Succeeding Online

Strategies for Succeeding in Online/Remote Classes

Info graphic of Online classesInfo-graphic on for succeeding in Online/Remote Classes. You can click on it to download a PDF copy for personal use.










Click here for more strategies for taking online classes.

Time Management

Struggling to figure how to manage your time? Here are some resources to help you with Time Management.

You can click on the Time Management Tips to download a PDF copy for personal use.




 Administración de Tiempo


Here is a video from one of WOU’s students, Nicole Nixon on Time Management.



What gets you out of bed each day? If you’re being challenged in finding motivation check out the resources below.

You can click on the Motivation image to download a PDF copy for personal use.






Here is a video from one of WOU’s students, Nicole Nixon on Increasing Motivation.

Zoom Tips

Here is a pdf guide on how to use Zoom as a student.

Zoom Guidelines for Students

Registration Holds Information

Here at WOU, we do have registration holds that can prevent you from registering for class. Here are two info-graphics on common holds that you might encounter.

For New Students:

New Student Holds

Common Registration Holds:



CircleIn Online Studying App

CircleIn is a new web and mobile studying app designed to help you get organized and connect with your classmates remotely—while giving you the chance to earn rewards by helping your peers. The more you join in, the more rewards you can win.


To access CircleIn:

  1. Download the App or go to the CircleIn Web Application Login Page 
  2. Search for Western Oregon University in the drop down menu
  3. Log in with your WOU credentials
  4. Select Authorize and Get Started 

Want to learn more? Visit the CircleIn student website or check out these short info videos. As this is a new tool, if you notice any issues or have any problems, please reach out to CircleIn Support directly through the app or website



1. What is Discord? 

Discord is a VoIP, instant messaging and digital distribution platform designed for creating communities.  Discord is available on phones, tablets and computers.

2. How do you get Discord? 

You can download Discord here:

3. How will Student Success and Advising use Discord?

Our goal is to get students connected to their classmates to help them form study groups. With remote learning it is more difficult to feel connected to your online course. Our hope is that Discord can help you get connected to other students and be successful in your courses.

4. Student Success and Advisings Discord server:

Once you have entered the server please read the #welcome page and the #rules page and follow the instructions. 

If you have any questions or issues please email studentsuccess@wou.