Per university policy ASA-04-088, Western Oregon University recognizes that those who are actively serving in the Reserves or National Guard of the United States are required by their military contract to attend mandatory training.  The university recognizes the important, and often demanding, role military members play in our community and is committed to providing these students with equal opportunity to succeed during their time at the university.

Please complete this form with supporting documentation to notify faculty of your military related absence.

It is stated in the policy that military students are not to be penalized for mandatory military training, and will be given the opportunity to earn equivalent credit, and demonstrate evidence of meeting the learning outcomes for missed assignments or assessments in the event of a schedule or class conflict due to mandatory military training.  Students should expect that absences from heavier course loads will be more difficult to recover from than absences from lighter course loads. 

To reference the university policy on military leave, please go to this page.