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When exploring careers, get involved and use your time and energy to research your career opportunities thoroughly. Use a variety of resources available to you on the WOU campus that enhance your experiences: the Service Learning and Career Development Center, Academic Advising and Learning Center, Student Health and Counseling Center, Hamersly Library, and faculty. Many more online resources are available to you at the tips of your finger and we encourage you to explore.

Evaluate the aspects of the career you want to have and if it will meet your values and preferences. Enhance your experiences by participating in further activities and opportunities: Informational Interviews, Internships, Job Shadows, and Study Abroad, Service Learning, and Student Leadership opportunities.


Consider answering specific questions when researching careers to match with your values and interests.

  • What features of a career most matter to you?
  • Does pay matter to you?
  • Do you want to work at a cubicle all day?
  • Do you want a career that requires traveling?
  • Do you want to work in the public or private sector?
  • How much education is required?
  • What types of skills are required?

By answering these and many more questions about careers that meet your expectations, you can make your career exploration process less stressful and more meaningful as you discover more about your unique self.


[section=Service Learning and Career Development]

The Center for Service Learning & Career Development provides a comprehensive approach to career preparation, professional development, and service to the community through relevant experiential education opportunities. Visit them online or in person to gain more knowledge of possible careers you can get into with your chosen major.

  • Career Liftoff
  • Informational Interviews
  • Internships
  • Career Fairs
  • Career Coaching
  • Volunteering
  • Alternative Breaks
  • And More….


[section=Oregon Labor Market Information System (OLMIS)]

OLMIS provides current data on industry trends, you are able to discover and gather occupational information. Look up paid wages and income related to specific careers and jobs, as well as knowing education requirements for specific careers/jobs and much more information that will help you make your well-informed decision on the major you decide on.

Oregon Labor Market Information System

[section=My Next Move – O*Net]

My Next Move is an assessment tool specifically designed to help you determine the right career for you!  It enables you to search careers with key words, by industry, or take the O*NET Interest Profiler to help you explore your interests in relation to the world of work.  Best of all – it’s free!  Take advantage of this useful resource to help you decide what careers you might want to explore!

My Next Move

[section=MBCD – Making Better Career Decisions]

MBCD can help you decide what to study or what career to choose.

  • If you are deliberating among a number of careers or educational alternatives — you may find that some of them are not compatible with your preferences, whereas others, that you have not considered beforehand, do suit your preferences.
  • If you are considering a specific career direction, but you are not certain about your choice — you will be able to either obtain support for your choice or receive suggestions of other potential alternatives.
  • If you have no direction yet — you will be able to receive a concise list of occupations, careers, and majors that are compatible with your career-related preferences that are important to you.

MBCD will guide you, step-by-step, through a systematic career decision-making process. MBCD enables you to reach a better decision, and save time and expenses that are often the result of an inappropriate choice.





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