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Early Action Alerts

Resources for Faculty and Staff

Early Actions are a retention tool used to identify students early in the term who are experiencing academic difficulties and/or who could benefit from referral(s) to appropriate campus resources. Early action systems are an evidence-based practice that, when used early and effectively, can increase student success outcomes like persistence and completion. 

Early Action System Goals

Improve student persistence and graduation rates

Decrease the number of students on academic probation

Increase communication and collaboration between students, faculty, and student services staff


When to Submit

You notice concerning academic behaviors (e.g. non attendance, not engaging, not turning in assignments, etc.)

You are unable to reach the student or need additional support

Process Overview

Alert Submitted

Notifications Generated

Student Outreach

Alert submitted by instructor by clicking “Issue an Alert” from student profile in WCS.

Different alert reasons trigger different actions. Kudos or referrals will generate an email directly to the student.

Other alert reasons will generate a case.


When a case is opened, SSA receives notification and professional advisor is assigned to the “case”.


Advisor reaches out to student by email, call, and text, if possible. 

Instructor notified of case outcome when case is resolved or advisor is unable to reach student after three attempts are made. 


From a student profile page in WCS, select “issue an alert” from the menu on the right hand side.


Click above to see sample student communications.

Click above to see important dates, deadlines, and considerations relative to submitting early action alerts.

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