Assessment at Western Oregon University

The role of assessment at Western Oregon University is first and foremost to guide the ongoing effectiveness of our programs in helping our students meet the Undergraduate or Graduate Learning Outcomes as well as their Program Learning Outcomes. Assessment provides us with some of the information we need to examine our practice to ensure that our programs promote student learning in alignment with our outcomes and mission. Additionally, assessment provides us with one valuable tool by which we can document to our stakeholders that we are engaged in mission fulfillment. At WOU, all academic programs engage in assessment by doing the following:

  • Determining Program Learning Outcomes (PLO).
  • Aligning at least one program learning outcome to an Undergraduate Learning Outcome (ULO) or Graduate Learning Outcome (GLO). Courses that are offered as part of the General Education Program must also align to the General Education Learning Outcomes (GELO) required for the element of the General Education program which they support.
  • Ensuring that all courses align to at least one PLO or ULO/GLO and identifying clearly on all course syllabuses which PLOs and ULOs are featured in that course.
  • Selecting at least one PLO on which to focus annually using the instruments, assignments and strategies that the program determines to be appropriate and report their results in the Tk20 assessment reporting system. If your PLO aligns to a ULO/GLO, address the ULO/GLO in your assessment work.
  • Engaging in conversation with all members of the program based upon the assessment information and reporting on those conversations in the Tk20 assessment reporting system.
  • For courses with Course Goals aligned to ULOs or GLOs, identifying a signature assignment and provide input on student learning of aligned ULO/GLOs to the appropriate Professional Learning Community (General Education PLC or Graduate PLC) during the academic year in which that ULO/GLO is highlighted.
  • Incorporating the program assessment information into the regular 7-year cycle of Program Review as part of the self-study.
Deadline for entering 2020-21 Program Assessment Reports

October 31, 2021

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Program Learning Outcomes Assessment — Every Year

Academic Programs include majors, minors and certificates at the undergraduate and graduate levels; general education; co-curricular and academic support services within Academic Affairs. In addition to the Campus-wide assessment of learning outcomes at the undergraduate and graduate levels, academic programs also engage in strategic assessment. 

Each year every academic program assesses student achievement of at least one program learning outcome. Any revisions or updates to the assessment plan are filed in June of the preceding academic year. The report for a given academic year is due on October 31 of the next academic year. For example, a plan filed in June 2020 will be used to guide the collection of assessment data during the 2020-21 academic year. The report on that data will be filed in October 2021. 

Practical Guidance

What does good assessment practice look like?

Where do I file my Program Assessment Plan and Program Assessment Report? Tk20!!

What should my Program Assessment Plan look like?

What should my Program Assessment Report look like?

    Where can I find older Program Assessment Reports that weren’t entered in Tk20?

    • Program assessment (WOU campus access only: You will be prompted to provide your paw print – portal – credentials)

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