Graduate Programs

Graduate Learning Outcomes
  • Core Content Knowledge
  • Applied Skills
  • Dispositions and Values

The Graduate Learning Outcomes were approved by the Faculty Senate in March, 2020. Their presentation and description of the GLOs can be found here: Proposed Graduate Learning Outcomes. The Graduate Studies PLC has created draft rubrics for each GLO. The draft rubrics, linked below, are continuing to be revised:

2019-20: We are refining the Graduate Learning Outcome: Content Knowledge
  • Graduate Studies Professional Learning Community
    • Chair: Dr. Melanie Landon-Hays (Education Leadership)
    • The PLC will be emphasizing review of the Content Knowledge Graduate Learning Outcome by collecting evidence of key assignments demonstrating content knowledge and mastery in graduate courses that align to this learning outcome.
  • Graduate programs that have learning outcomes aligned to the Content Knowledge graduate learning outcome may also with to consider examining those outcomes in depth during the 2019-2020 academic year.
2018-19: Review of Graduate Learning Outcomes in WOU Graduate Programs
  • The Graduate Studies PLC is undertaking an examination of Graduate Learning Outcomes at WOU and reshaping the framework to be meaningful to all graduate programs within the context of the larger institutional mission and values.
2017-18 GLO:  Applied and Collaborative Learning
  • Plan, timeline and process to be set in Fall 2017 by Graduate Committee
2017-18 GLO: Analytic Inquiry
  • Pilot rubric for analytic inquiry in graduate programs (developed Dec 2016)
  • Power point overview of analytic inquiry (December 5, 2016)
  • The group collected student work from graduate programs, and will convene December 1, 2017 to discuss their review.
  • Review is set up in TK20.  Graduate Committee members reviewing work should go into the WOU Portal, and click on the TK20 link in the right hand column.  You’ll be brought to a screen with “pending tasks”.  Contact Sue Monahan ( if you need to get into TK20 and are having difficulties.
2016-17 GLO: Writing

2016-17 Graduate Committee Report on Assessment Process

  • Report from Faculty Senate, 7-11-17


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