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All of our student resources, now in one place!

We’ve put together lots of great resources for you to use! Feel free to peruse our citation resources, find a handout on drafting, or connect to other helpful pages. We’re also happy to go over these in a session with you, so if you have a question, reach out to one of our tutors!

Resources for online learning

WOU Remote Learning Page

This page is an all-around resource hub for WOU students working remotely this term. If you need to find resources for support, this is a great starting place.

MS Office Suite Remote Access

All WOU students, staff, and faculty are eligible to access MS Office Suite for free. Sign in at Your username is your WOU login plus “” (e.g., if your email is, enter, and your password is your normal WOU password.

Online Tutoring FAQ

Learn about how the Writing Center can offer you the same quality service from wherever you happen to be located. This document provides detailed information on questions you may have.

Online Tutoring Video

Watch this video to learn how you can begin utilizing the Writing Center’s remote services, including how to book an appointment with us.

Citation Guides

Style guides include information with regard to editorial style, formatting, punctuation, citations, and reference lists. College instructors require you to use particular style guides in their courses, and the list below offers an overview of guides which are currently utilized at Western.

APA Guides

APA is a style guide created by the American Psychological Association. It is primarily used in the disciplines of Behavioral & Social Sciences, Education, and Criminal Justice, among others.

MLA Guides

MLA is a style guide created by the Modern Language Association. It is primarily used in Humanities-related disciplines such as English Studies.

Please note that MLA was updated to the 9th edition in April 2021, meaning some of its guidelines have changed. The resources listed below all pertain to the 8th edition. We will be updating these resources in the coming weeks. 

Chicago Guides

Chicago is a style guide primarily used in the disciplines of History, Music, and Anthropology, among others. It is also common among book publishers as a standard for formatting and grammar.

Comprehensive List of Style Guides

Writing Resources

These materials touch on a few of the questions we are often asked, so we wanted to share them with you. Feel free to use these for your own study, or come visit us at the Writing Center, and we’d love to help you personally with these questions! 

Drafting Your Paper

Revising Your Writing

Some Outside Resources

When you need support beyond the writing

Sometimes, we experience anxiety or frustration, either because of our writing or other things going on in our lives. These challenges can interfere with our ability to go through our day-to-day tasks effectively, and it is important to recognize when to find additional support on campus. Consider exploring these pages if you are feeling stuck: 

Try other campus tutoring centers

WOU Free Tutoring Page

WOU offers a host of different free tutoring services across campus. This is a link to the free tutoring landing page with links to all the free tutoring centers across campus, including services like Psychology Peer Advising, the Science Center, the Digital Media Center, and the Center for Leadership and Creativity.

Course-Specific Tutoring Center

While we help with all things writing, we don’t help with content-specific questions. If you need help with those types of questions (e.g., checking the reading to make sure you summarized correctly, asking about a concept from a particular class), make an appointment with a class-specific tutor.

English Tutoring Center

We love helping international students with writing, but we aren’t qualified to help with all linguistic questions. If you need support in pronunciation, spelling, grammar, reading, or listening, visit the English Tutoring Center, where tutors are trained in linguistics and can provide specialized support.

Computer Science Tutoring Center

If students need help with complex MS Office questions like creating complex tables and charts in Excel, visit the Computer Science Tutoring Center. We can help you make tweaks and comment on the rhetorical effectiveness of different charts, but our tutors are not all trained in this, and it is important to refer to the CS student tutors, who specialize in this area.

Work with our writing specialists


Spanish-Speaking Student Support

For Spanish-speaking or graduate students who want to schedule an appointment with Rosario please send her an email at Appointments are 1-hour long.

Graduate Student Support

For graduate students who want to learn more about our Graduate Assistants, Ailyn and Kyla. Appointments are 1-hour long.


Email us at or give us a call at (503) 838-8286.
You can also stop by our office in APSC 301. We're excited to meet you!