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Portal 2.0

Portal is a centralized tool that WOU designed to simplify access to all WOU systems. Instead of logging into each online system, WOU has created a ‘Single Sign-On’ through Portal that automatically logs you into each one.

You can click the Portal link at the top of this page to login, and login with your Pawprint account.
If you need to reset your Pawprint password, please watch the video above for instructions!


Which systems can I access through Portal?

icon_google Email (Google Apps for Education)

Google Apps contains the WOU email system (via Gmail), as well as Google Calendar, Google Groups, Google Sites, Google Docs (now Drive), etc…

icon_astra ASTRA

ASTRA is the campus-wide room and event scheduling system

icon_moodle Moodle

Moodle is the Course Management System. Many classes have online components, documents or tests that are contained within Moodle.

icon_library Library

The Library page gives you access to databases for articles and other information.

icon_WolfConnect WCS

The Wolf Connection System helps Faculty and Staff assist students.

icon_writing_center WCOnline

The Writing Center Online allows students to sign up for Writing Center appointments online.

icon_SuccessCenter WSSC

The Wolf Support and Success Center is a resource to assist students throughout the year.

icon_wouAlert WOUAlert

WOUAlert is the campus Emergency Notification System. Please input your contact information into WOUAlert so that we can contact you quickly in case of an emergency.

icon_banner Banner INB

Not all users have access to BannerINB. It is the campus Student, Finance and HR Information System.


Did WOU purchase the Portal system?

Portal is a “home-grown” PL/SQL application written and maintained by WOU developers. The Single Sign-On integration is all custom, and includes technologies like SAML.

WOU takes great pride in its ability to innovate and provide agile solutions to both simple and complex challenges. Development staff continue to maintain and extend Portal’s functionality. If you have questions or suggestions about Portal, please contact Michael Ellis.