Jury Forms: All Jury Forms are available in the form rack next to Julia’s Office (SH 106). Please be sure to complete the appropriate jury forms prior to your jury starting. Jury forms will be used for juries, honors recital auditions, junior and senior recital clearances, and returning student scholarship auditions.

Number of copies of the completed form need:

End of Term Juries, Junior/Senior Recital Clearances: 4 copies (enough for your jury/committee)

300-Level Juries/Honors Recital Auditions/Returning Student Scholarship Auditions: up to 10 copies

Beginning with 2016 WOU Catalog, in order to satisfy the degree requirements at any MUP level, students must pass an Exit Jury. Requirements vary, depending on jury area and teacher.

MUP X05 Syllabus 2018

MUP X25 Syllabus for Winds

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