What is the current course rotation?

Go to this link

How do I get a fob?

Go to the creative arts office and ask for a fob. The office person will hand you a form to fill out, then you will get a fob once you fill it out and turn it in. It costs $5 per term, and it is a good idea to have one so you can access Smith Hall at any time, and you can be granted access to the instrument storage room. Click this link and read the “Keyless Entry System: How to Obtain a Fob” section for more details.

When should I fill out and submit my degree plan, and what does that involve?

Within your last couple of years at Western at the latest. This involves meeting with your major and minor advisors in order to plan out the rest of your classes. This is the purpose the degree plan serves. It is a form that can be found on the form page on the music department part of the site. Turn it in to the registrar’s office once it has been filled out and your advisor has signed it. There are also degree plans that pertain to each minor, which you will need to get approved by your minor advisor (if you have a minor).

Should I continue seeing a general advisor once I choose a major and minor?

YES!! Your advisor clears your hold to enable you to register each term. Furthermore, your major advisor will help you complete requirements for the LACC or General Education portion of your degree (depending on which degree you are pursuing). They will help guide you through the courses required in your major track and advise appropriate electives that will compliment your program as needed so that you stay on track to complete your program.

How do I sign up for Individual Study?

You can register for Music Performance Studies (MUP courses) online during registration. If the online system does not allow you to register, please complete a blue sheet and obtain the instructors signature to register. You will turn your blue sheet in to the registrar’s office in the Administration Building.

How do I reserve a time for my jury and recital? Or my capstone project?

Go to this link: (make link to pdf of this form). Check for available dates and times, choose your recital jury (three people, one of whom needs to be full-time faculty), get a signature, and turn in this form to reserve a time and day for your recital. If you are doing a capstone project, you need to reserve a space for a specific date and time, but no jury is necessary if it is a presentation instead of a performance.

How does concert attendance work?

Sign up for concert attendance with one of the available faculty members (most likely your music major advisor), attend the required number of concerts for your student status, and print a concert attendance form from this link. Fill out this form with the names and dates of the concerts you attended, staple concert tickets and programs to the form, and turn it in to your instructor by the end of the term in order to pass concert attendance.

How do I rent an instrument?

Go to this link. Print and fill out this form, get it signed by a faculty member, and turn it in to the music office.

I’m on financial aid, and I have to watch out for the Student Academic Progress Policy. What is that, and what should I do about it?

See the Student Academic Progress Policy at this link for undergrads, or this link for grad students. For further advice and explanation, speak with someone in the financial aid office.

I have to appeal for more financial aid. How do I do that?

Go to the financial aid office and ask for an appeal form. You will need to fill out paperwork for a study plan and plot out what classes you will take and when you will take them. If your reason for needing to appeal for more financial aid has to do with excessive credits (over 270 credits), you will not need to be concerned about the portion that has to do with the plan to raise low grades.

What scholarships are available? How do I apply for them?

Go to this link.It is a scholarship directory page. There is also a scholarship application link that requires you to sign in with your WOU ID and password. This will help you enter information so that you can apply for a scholarship, as well as let you know which ones apply to you. See this link for the list of available scholarships.
All of the requirements for eligibility and application are available within those pages.

Thanks to music major Bethany Blancher for developing this page!

Updated August 2019

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