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Faculty Traveling with Students

Use this form anytime you are taking students on a trip with you.
  • Or best phone number to contact you while on your trip.
  • This is the exact time you plan to leave WOU. This is important for calculating per diem rates.
  • This is the exact time you expect to be back at WOU. This is important for calculating per diem rates.
  • Please enter what ensemble/group you are traveling with.
  • Please list as many options as you would like. I will try to go with your first option listed. Also indicate whether your event provides housing. Links are very helpful!
  • This entry should be in $ format.
    You may email or give a hard copy of your final roster to Julia, or you may attach it to this form. Please list all persons traveling including yourself. This is required.
  • An itinerary is required if you are attending a conference. You may upload your itinerary even if you are not attending a conference.
  • Please indicate whether or not you need assistance in registering your group.
  • If you are unsure, please select "Choose for me".
  • Please be as specific as possible.