WOU Music Department Faculty Handbook

[section=Archival Recordings]

Archival recordings are stored on the Music Department J-Drive and on the archival drive in the recording studio annex.

To access recording on the J-Drive, paste this URL into your computer’s “Go to Server” dialog box: smb://groupj.wou.edu/groupj/music, then find the “Archival Recordings” folder. Recordings are sorted by year and term.

To access recordings in the recording studio annex, go to the annex and log onto the computer. Open the Archival Recordings drive. Recordings are sorted by year and term.

Archival recordings are unedited, unprocessed stereo recordings. Audio Production students are trained to edit and enhance recordings should they be hired to do so. Basic editing and processing can take up to an hour or more, depending on the extent of editing desired. Audio Production students may be paid for this work through Ensemble budgets.

Artists who perform on the Guest Artist Series or the Faculty Artist Series may request edited/enhanced copies.



Index Numbers and Oversight Assignments
CAD 907 Course Fees CAD Department Head
CAD 909 Percussion Camp CAD                 Percussion Instructor
CAD 910 Band Festival CAD Band Director
CAD 911 Vespers CAD Choir Director
CAD 912 Scholarships CAD Scholarship Coordinator
CAD 916 CMUS CAD Department Head
CAD 922 Midi Lab CAD MIDI Lab Director
CAD 929 Choral Festival CAD Festival Director
CAD 931 Broadway/Opera IFC Choir Directors
CAD 932 Choral Organizations IFC Choir Directors
CAD 933 Jazz Bands IFC WHO Director
CAD 934 Vocal Jazz IFC WHV Director
CAD 935 Guest Artists IFC TBD
CAD 936 Symphony/Winds IFC Band Director
CAD 941 Chamber Ensembles IFC EME Director
DIA 943 Mel Brown Jazz Workshop WOU Foundation MBJW Director
DIA XXX Jazz Fund WOU Foundation WHO Director


[section=Faculty Meeting Notes]

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[section=Leadership & Coordinator Positions]

Department Head

The Department Head shall be elected by a majority vote of full-time tenured and tenure-track Music Department faculty.

The Department Head shall serve a first term of three years.

A Department Head may be re-elected to serve a second consecutive term of no more than three years, with the length of term specified prior to election.

From CAD Division By-Laws

The normal tenure for the department heads will be one (1) to three (3) nine-month academic years, with the length of term specified prior to election, renewable indefinitely. The department head must receive the support of a majority of the department faculty in order to maintain this position. All faculty members with appointment of .5 FTE or more will participate in the evaluation of the department head of that particular department. These annual evaluations will take place in spring.

IFC Funds Committee Representative


The Incidental Fee Committee (IFC) Funds Committee shall be made up of the division chair and representative faculty members from each of the departments or programs that are directly funded by the WOU Student Incidental Fee Committee. Each faculty member shall be elected by the departments or programs.


  1. Oversee the development of program budgets.
  2. Present the division of creative arts budget to the IFC.
  3. The committee shall monitor IFC meetings, and act as liaison to the division chairperson as to program budget requests.

Length of Term

Members shall serve for three years.

Graduate Coordinator

3-year term – two term limit

new term begins Winter term

Personnel Review Committee Representative

From CAD Division By-Laws

Members shall serve for three years. Only one department a year shall elect a member, thus assuring continuity in the committee’s work. In the event of early resignation or removal, the department concerned shall elect a new member to serve out the remainder of the term.

Scholarship Coordinator

The Department Head shall serve as the Scholarship Coordinator.

Student Recital Coordinator

The Student Recital Coordinator shall serve a term of one year, renewable indefinitely. The position will renew in September of each academic year.

The SRC shall coordinate scheduling and programming of each end-of-term recital as well as the Honors audition and recital.




[section=Recital & Recording Committees]

Graduate Recording Committee

The Graduate Recording Committee comprises three faculty members:

  • The Director of the Recording Studio
  • The student’s MUP instructor
  • A faculty member of the student’s choosing
Graduate Recital Committee

The Recital/Capstone Committee comprises three faculty members:

  • The student’s MUP instructor
  • Two faculty members of the student’s choosing

At least one of the committee members must be a full-time tenured/tenure-track faculty member.

Senior Recital Committee
Non-Recital Capstone Guidance


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