The Maurice Challenge invites you to:

  • Identify a problem that matters to you.
  • Approach problem-solving in a way that demonstrates your creativity, innovation, and collaboration with others—even if you don’t finish solving the problem.
  • Tell us what you learned about yourself and your abilities, what you learned about the problem, and what you think your project shows us about your own “art of living”.
    • The $5,000 award will be given to the individual or team demonstrating the deepest learning and
      problem-solving strategy.
    • Interested?

      To apply, read the guidelines under the tabs above, and submit an “Intent to Participate” form.

      DEADLINE for applications December 15, 2020.

    • NOTICE: Initial deadline for applications has been extended to midnight, January 6, 2021


    Stephen Scheck

    503-838-8277 | or e-mail: