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Alfred Maurice in 2010

Alfred P. Maurice was born on March 11, 1921 in Nashua, NH. His multi-faceted career including 36 years as an educator/administrator in colleges and universities ended in 1984 with his retirement from the University of Illinois at Chicago after 24 years with the title of Professor Emeritus. His career as an artist/author continues. In 1990 the Maurices moved from Chicago to Vancouver, WA.

An artful life

Celebrating the life of a creator, teacher, and collector.

Information regarding the art walk with wine coming soon. Information regarding the art walk with wine coming soon. Information regarding the art walk with wine coming soon.

Maurice Undergraduate Initiative $5,000 AWARD

  • Identify a problem that matters to you.
  • Approach problem-solving in a way that demonstrates your creativity, innovation, and collaboration with others—even if you don’t finish solving the problem.
  • Tell us what you learned about yourself and your abilities, what you learned about the problem, and what you think your project shows us about your own “art of living”.

The Award of $5000 will be given to the individual or team demonstrating the deepest learning and problem solving strategy.


    To apply, read the guidelines under the tabs above, and submit an “Intent to Participate” by Nov. 16.

    DEADLINE for applications Friday Nov. 15, 2019.