The office of International Student Academic Support has many responsibilities which include:

  • Coordinating instruction and scheduling for¬†international student courses: ICS 110: First Year Experience for International Students, Writing 121 INTL, Linguistics 136, Writing 122 INTL
  • Tracking international student success and assisting individual students who are struggling
  • Consulting with faculty who teach international students
  • Staffing and Directing the English Tutoring Center
  • Administration of the Conversation Partners program
  • Providing course-specific support for selected classes with significant international student enrollment
  • Providing technology for language acquisition support (smartpens, e-dictionaries, translators)
  • Updating the ISAS website with resources for students and faculty
  • Assessing the success and well-being of international students, their academic support, and their social integration

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.