The ability to master a second language and culture is an extremely valuable skill in our globalized society


French Minor……………………………………………….….18 credits


Core Courses:

FR  301  Intermediate French Composition and Phonetics I

FR  302  Intermediate French Composition and Phonetics II

FR  303  Intermediate French Composition and Phonetics III

Upper Division French courses………………………………….…………6




Learning French might seem counterintuitive on the West Coast of the United States, but it is a crucial asset for life and work after university.  More and more studies show that several abilities you acquire while learning a foreign language – such as cultural competence, critical thinking and communication in ambiguous situation – are much valued by prospective employers.  Studying French is also a great way for students to deepen their understanding of rules and structure in their first language, enhance their vocabulary and improve their writing skills in English, another sought-after skill in the market place.  Finally, a study abroad experience in a non-English speaking country is a life-changing experience and will tell volumes to future employers about the student’s ability to adapt to a new company and confront unexpected situations.


Our program

French classes are a lot of fun, because to learn the language students communicate about themselves and their subjects of interest.  They also learn about other countries, their cultures, songs, movies, literatures, therefore opening their mind to a fascinating and diverse world!  WOU offers classes ranging from beginning through advanced levels of grammar, composition, phonetics and conversation.  For students in second-year French and beyond, there is a range of French-language classes in various subject areas.  Recent offerings have included French civilization through films and conversation; Francophone comic books and graphic novels; Chansons Françaises, Remarkable women and Fine Arts.  These classes are designed to pique and maintain the interest of the more advanced students.


The French department at WOU coordinates with the Humanities Division and the International Studies Program to offer a bachelor’s degree in Humanities or International Studies with a specialization in French.


Study and Work Abroad

While participating in the French program, many students choose to study abroad.  WOU offers wonderful opportunities in France thanks to IE3 Global programs established with the Oregon University System at the Universities of Poitiers and Lyon where students may spend a semester or a full year.  There is another possibility at the CIDEF in Angers which offers shorter programs.  If you’re curious about the rest of the francophone world, there are exchange programs offered with some universities in Quebec.


We also have former students who were accepted into the “assistantship” program in France:  they were hired by the Ministry of Education as English assistant in French school for a nine months contract.


In Conclusion

French study at WOU is a vibrant and rewarding experience.  We offer extracurricular activities such as our ongoing film series in the Fall.  Our faculty is actively engaged in seeking out and promoting French cultural experiences for our students.  WOU is a great place to begin or continue a lifelong involvement with French language, literature and culture.


Career opportunities:

  • Business
  • Communications
  • Education
  • Hospitality/recreation
  • Government/social service


Online French placement test:

You can find the placement test on the French department website:

French placement scores

below 150 FR 101
150-225 FR 102
226-275 FR 103
276-325 FR 201
326-350 FR 202
351-400 FR 203
400+: FR 301



Create and transmit knowledge concerning the French language, literature and culture in a climate that promotes ease of communication and mutual understanding.


Learning Outcomes

  1. Speak, aurally comprehend, write and read French at a level suitable for graduate education or careers in business, government, social services, tourism.
  2. Explain and apply French cultural and historical perspectives to events and ideas in a globalized society.
  3. Analyze and critique original texts and cultural artifacts from French/Francophone sources.


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French Program

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