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Interpreting Studies

Dr. Elisa Maroney

Interpreting Studies Programs Co-Coordinator

Office: RWEC 144

Phone: (503) 838-8735


Amanda R. Smith

Interpreting Studies Programs Co-Coordinator

Office: RWEC 143

Phone: (503) 838-8650


Become a professional interpreter with our Bachelor’s to Master’s pathway

Our 4+1 Interpreting Studies pathway prepares skilled interpreters to serve the Deaf community. In this program, you’ll complete 5 years of study that culminate in a master’s degree.

Applications due February 15th each year.

Make an impact serving Deaf citizens in Oregon and across the nation

4+1 (B.S.+M.A.) program gives you the theoretical knowledge and practical skills you need to be a quality interpreter

4+1 (B.S.+M.A.) program gives you the theoretical knowledge and practical skills you need to be a quality interpreter


Our program’s undergraduate coursework builds a strong academic foundation in ethical reasoning, cultural intelligence, and interpreting theory, and prepares students to enter the M.A. in Interpreting Studies.

The subsequent graduate coursework emphasizes observation, practice, supervision, and reflective practice, and prepares students to enter the workforce as certified interpreters.

Year 1

In your first year, you’ll build a strong liberal arts foundation along with early classes in interpreter education and language learning.

Years 2 & 3

Coursework during your second and third years will focus on learning the technical and adaptive aspects of ASL, Deaf culture and history, and linguistics.

Year 4

In your fourth year, you’ll take courses in interpreting theory and practice to prepare you for entry to the M.A. in Interpreting Studies program.

Year 5 (M.A.)

The focus of the fifth year is structured practice, interpreter development, and research.

While students can choose to exit after completing the B.S., those who want to be professional interpreters are strongly encouraged to continue and complete the M.A.


Complete your interpreting studies bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in as little as five years

Flexible Coursework

All classes can be taken on online

ASL, Spanish, and  English Concentrations available

Choose a language focus based on your native or primary language

Where this degree can take you

Universities and Community Colleges


School Districts

Interpreting Agencies


Expected rise in interpreter jobs over the next ten years (compared to a 5% increase expected for all occupations)

woman standing inside building signing
Marissa Foley, WOU alum and ASL Interpreter at an interpreting agency in Washington.
man signing outdoors next to fire engines
Deaf Interpreter and Director of WOU’s Research & Resource Center with Deaf* Communities Chad A. Ludwig interpreting at a press conference with Portland Fire and Rescue.
woman signing near podium
Freelance Deaf Interpreter and WOU alum Colleen Thayer interpreting at Oregon press conference amid the COVID-19 crisis.

Our faculty


Professor, Division Chair, Deaf Studies & Professional Studies
503-838-8650 | | RWEC 143


Instructor, Deaf Studies & Professional Studies
503-838-8730 | | RWEC 142


Professor, Deaf Studies & Professional Studies
503-838-8735 | | RWEC 144

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