About Our Program

The American Sign Language/English Interpreting major is designed to prepare graduates to enter the interpreting field as professionals who make significant contributions to the service delivery team.

The program offers a broad-based liberal arts foundation for professional study and lifelong learning. The interpreting curriculum includes theory, skill development, and professional application.

The program combines classes in language development, linguistics, sociology, anthropology, education and professional practices, as well as interpreting theory, technique, and the application of knowledge and skills to interpreting performance. Courses are taught by highly qualified instructors and students interact with professional interpreters and consumers throughout their term of study.

Our Mission: To prepare our graduates to enter the profession of interpreting.

Why WOU?

Learning outcomes

  • Students will be able to:
    • Demonstrate the academic foundation and world knowledge essential to effective interpreting.
    • Analyze communication situations and apply appropriate problem solving approaches as needed.
    • Interpret accurately between American Sign Language and English and collaborate effectively in a variety of settings and across a range of subject matter.

Credit Requirements

There are 67 credits in the major. You can find more information in the Internship Handbook.

Program Format

Once accepted into the major, students are required to complete necessary coursework in a cohort over two years. Terms average 10 credit hours in the major leaving room in your schedule to complete LACC, BA/BS requirements, and minor coursework. Currently this program is primarily face-to-face but there is a heavy emphasis on technology skill development as well with the use of Moodle and other technology for course assignments and communication.


CONTACT US: dsps@wou.edu

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