Note-Taking Support

WOU offers a variety of resources to help you succeed in your academic endeavors. The Office of Disability Services provides access to individualized Note Taking Support free of charge for students registered with our office who are approved for this accommodation. You can also find information about study skills tutoring, including note-taking strategies, through Student Success and Advising.

Click an icon below or contact our office for more information about our Note-Taking Support options.

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Glean is an audio note-taking program that uses recordings of classroom audio to create a visualization of the audio; the student annotates the visual audio and attaches their own typed notes and/or lecture materials to specific points in the recording. Glean is a web and mobile app that can be accessed from any computer or mobile device.

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 LiveScribe Echo SmartPen.

The Echo SmartPen is a revolutionary tool that digitally records your handwritten notes and syncs them with class audio. ODS currently offers a limited supply of Echo SmartPens for approved students to checkout. We also have ink cartridges and dot paper available upon request.

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Note Taking Express.

Specifically selected for ODS-registered students who experience specific barriers to our other options, Note Taking Express (NTE) provides quality typed notes based on recorded class audio. Access to Note Taking Express is available to approved students.

Contact the Office of Disability Services (ODS)

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    • Phone: 503-838-8250
    • Fax: 503-838-8721