Eric Tautkus: Derailed Marginally

Eric Tautkus: Derailed Marginally

Working on-site, aerosol and graffiti artist Eric Tautkus will bring his expressive, spontaneous style and skill into the gallery space by transforming two walls (fifty feet total) into immersive, energetic works of art. A selection of Tautkus’s smaller paintings and “toys” (meticulously painted model trains and cars) will also be on display. At the conclusion of the exhibit, the graffiti walls will be cut into two-foot square sections and sold at an affordable price to benefit the new student art gallery located in the beautifully remodeled ITC.

Come by the outside doors to the Cannon Gallery (to the right of Campbell Hall’s front doors, off the concrete patio) on Wednesday, September 29 from 4 – 6 and watch as Tautkus “sketches” the designs for the graffiti murals. Tautkus says that this is the most exciting part of the process to watch! Although outside, it is a small space, so please remember to wear your mask. The exhibit will open in its entirety on Monday, October 4.

SEPERNTalk : A Networked Exhibition

SERPENTalk: A Networked Exhibition


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SERPENTalk is a networked exhibition anchored physically in the Hamersly Library on WOU’s campus and extending out through the Cannon Gallery’s virtual platform as well as through the project’s own virtual web presence. Through the collaborative efforts of Art and Design faculty member Clay Dunklin, SERPENTalk creates a network of artists and repurposes spaces, both virtual and physical, as sites of thinking that will confuse and unravel the binary assumptions that separate us from others and cause deep social divides. The language of binaries is inherently dualistic and the snake becomes an important metaphor here as they have long served to represent the dual aspects of nature in magic, mythology, and indigenous knowledge. When applied to contemporary culture, the snake metaphor illuminates our differences as a common theme amongst peoples and ignites a sense of compassion and care. SERPENTalk is built on the values of communication, education, and collaboration that we believe can lead to a reconfiguration of practices and projects to act as systems of generosity and empowerment. 

SERPENTalk zines are available for free at Hamersly Library and the project website can be accessed on your personal device at

An Artful Life


An Artful Life

Alfred P. Maurice

Wed February 26 – Friday March 7

Reception: Wine Walk Wendesday March 11 2-7pm

Locations: Hamersly Library, Cannon Gallery of Art, Java Crew, Crush Wine Bar, Ma Mere’s Guest House, Rice Auditorium.

Mask For New Year

Mask For New Year

Yaloo Pleasurably

January 9 – February 8, 2019

Reception with the Artist

Wednesday, January 9 4:30 -6:00 p.m.

The Gathering

The Gathering

Chemeketa Community College Art Faculty

April 3 – April 26, 2019

Reception with the Artists: Wenesday, April 10, 4:30 – 6:00 p.m.

Nightcore Deep Cuts

Nightcore Deep Cuts

Tabitha Nikolai

Nov 7 – Dec 7, 2018

Reception with the Artist:

Wednesday Nov. 7 4:30- 6:30